Help for Finding Microwave Glass Turntable Plates

Since you’re a microwave user, you already know there aren’t too many households without the comfort and convenience of speed cooking using microwave technology. Because a microwave oven is a staple in most kitchens, sometimes accidents happen and a turntable tray cracks or gets broken.

Finding a replacement plate may present a challenge because these are not available through your local big box retailer. We hope to eliminate or at least reduce that challenge here.

We at have collected the most popular size glass turntable trays for many recognized brands like Emerson, GE, LG Electronics, Magic Chef, Panasonic, Samsung, Sears, Sharp, Sunbeam and Whirlpool.

Each brand has tray replacements usually identified by the brand’s model number or a corresponding part number. These are listed in the plate descriptions offered through this website.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some of the brand manufacturers listed here also make replacement trays for OTHER BRANDS — generally those older models no longer available.

To locate a replacement tray by its size it is also important to note that measurements MUST be to the fractional inch, for the glass plate itself and the microwave turntable roller support ring below it. The motor hub configuration in the center underside of the glass plate must match as well. Please see illustration below.

measure microwave plate