PaigePalmerHi, my name is Paige Palmer and I want to welcome you to my website MicrowaveTurntableHQ.com. One of the most frustrating things for me is not being able to locate a replacement part for something — like a microwave turntable.

After all, this is not something you can run down to Target or Walmart and buy off the shelf.

My story begins with my GE Profile Microwave. I broke the turntable and not in a way you would think. My turntable table cracked because I have a habit of cooking bacon in my microwave on paper towels — directly on the turntable rather than on a plate or microwave-safe tray.

The thermal heating of the tray directly under the bacon caused it to crack. Now the product manual tells you that food should not be cooked directly on the tray — and I’ve been cooking bacon that way for years but I guess the tray finally had enough.

It took me probably a good 15 minutes to locate the product manual, find the turntable tray replacement part number, log into the GE website only to find that buying the part I needed through GE would cost $122.75 PLUS another $5.95 for standard shipping (5-7 business days). The total would have been $128.70. That’s crazy…you can buy a whole new microwave oven for that price.

I ended up finding the replacement tray on the internet for $44.50, no sales tax and with FREE SHIPPING — less than half the cost had I bought from GE.

That’s the reason I created this site. Please check out the short video on my Home page to see how to use my website.

If you can get the actual manufacturer’s replacement turntable tray at a SUBSTANTIAL reduction in cost than buying from the manufacturer directly — why not?

This website has many of the popular turntable replacement plates/trays available. The compatible microwave model numbers are listed for each tray. If you can’t find a corresponding tray for your microwave on this website, then feel free to send me an email through my contact page and I’ll see if I can find it for you (and not from the manufacturer’s website!). I’ll respect your privacy – see my Privacy Policy HERE.

Most turntables never break but when you need one, why not find the best value and save yourself some money that can be better spent on something else!

Thanks again for visiting…

paige palmer