Daewoo Microwave Glass Tray Part No. 3517203500

$23.10 as at 18:48 UTC. (Details)

This Daewoo 11-1/4 inch glass tray may solve your search for a replacement plate for your Daewoo Electronics Microwave Oven. Please check the compatible Daewoo Microwave models that are listed below.

This 11-1/4 inch replacement plate is Daewoo part number 3517203500. The replacement part number can usually be found in the Daewoo Microwave oven Owner’s Manual, through the Daewoo Electronics Product Support or by searching the internet for compatible aftermarket  turntable plates in your size and configuration.

Be sure to check out our Turntable Home Page to see how to properly measure a microwave turntable plate — this will ensure proper fit the first time when ordering a replacement.

If you do not see your microwave model below then you can always send us an email through our Contact Page and we will do our best to help you locate a source for a replacement in 24 hours or less.

Microwave Model Numbers fitting this 11-1/4″ Replacement Plate

HMT8656GB/02, KOG390, KOG390A
KOG390ASL, KOG846, KOG864S, KOG867T9
KOR662K, KOR718TM, KOR810TM, KOR811M, KOR811Q
KOR811M, KOR811QM, KOR820M
KOR860A, KOR860A0A, KOR860A0A/1A
KOR860A0N, KOR860A0S, KOR860A1A
KOR8112, KOR8113, KOR8167