Frigidaire Microwave Plate Part No. 5304464116

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Frigidaire microwave turntable plate Part Number 5304464116 is a 13-1/2 inch diameter tray that sits on a 10-1/4″ support ring and replaces old Part Number 5304423399. This replacement microwave turntable will fit the Frigidaire models listed below.

This turntable tray will also fit other brands whose plate measurements fit those listed above as long as the motor hub configuration, shown in the center underside of the plate matches.

If you do not have an Owner’s Manual available and do not know the replacement part number then measuring your existing plate from outside edge to outside edge, including fractional inches will get you a compatible replacement made Frigidaire or by another manufacturer.

It is just as important that the roller support ring below the glass turntable plate be sized correctly as well. If your support roller ring does not match up with the glass plate size, your turntable tray will not work properly.

Compatible Frigidaire Microwave Model Numbers








This replacement plate is an OEM part meaning it is made by the original equipment manufacturer. Aftermarket parts are often those made by OTHER manufacturers but still meet the size and configuration of the original part.

If you do not see your model number listed, then you can send us an email through our Contact Page and we will help you find a Frigidaire compatible replacement plate. Be sure to include the outside diameter of your glass tray and the outside dimension of the support roller ring.

While some older model microwave ovens may no longer be in productions, other brand manufacturers do make replacement aftermarket turntable replacement glass plates that may work in your brand and model. You can always check Samsung, LG, Daewoo and Whirlpool for compatible sizes.