Daewoo Microwave Glass Turntable Plate Part 3517203600

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This Daewoo microwave glass turntable plate, Part Number 3517203600 measures 10-inches in diameter and will fit the microwave model numbers that are listed below. Models listed below are not an all inclusive list.

Please consult the video on this website’s Home Page for direction on how to find your specific model number. The replacement part number can usually be found in the Daewoo Microwave oven Owner’s Manual, through the Daewoo Electronics Product Support or by searching the internet for compatible aftermarket  turntable plates in your size and configuration.

You can also send us an email through our Contact Page and we will help you find the model you need — if not offered on our website. We can help with US model microwave trays only.

Microwave Model Numbers for this 10″ Plate

EMX752EPSL, FD8102 GM66, GMX320GMSL, GMX616 GMX707, GMX717, GT77, GT779TC, GT88 K2000M, K2001T KOG360S, KOG3667, KOG366T, KOG370A KOG370S, KOG37F7, KOG37FP, KOG547R KOR2605, KOR3000, KOR30A KOR6105, KOR602M, KOR610P, KOR6NM5 KOR6025, KOR6115, KOR611M, KOR611Q, KOR61151A, KOR616T, KOR616TM, KOR616TN KOR6112, KOR6206, KOR620S, KOR630 KOR630A, KOR630A0A, KOR630A1A KOR630A09A, KOR630A0A/1A, KOR630A0S, KOR6307 KOR61A52S, KOR61AP, KOR61APGR, KOR61AS, KOR61ASWH KOR6327, KOR633V, KOR6347, KOR636T, KOR6375 KOR638RBK, KOR638RSL, KOR63AS, KOR63D7 KOR63D70S, KOR63D79S, KOR63DB, KOR63DB0S KOR63F7, KOR63F70S, KOR63F79S, KOR63F7SL KOR63F8, KOR63F8SL, KOR63FB0S, KOR63FB9S KOR63MC, KOR63S7, KOR63XS, KOR861, KOR861H M1515, M4000E, MWG800, MX210, MX310TC MX706, MX707, MX708, MX717TC, MX718TC MX720TCSS, MX775TC, MX778TC, MX779TC, MX812TCG NNE201WB, NNE251WB, NNH5430 NNK101WB, NNK151WB SM11, SM12, SM18 SPM700G, ST22, ST23