Samsung Microwave Glass Cooking Tray – 14″

$22.66 as at 11:05 UTC. (Details)

The Samsung Microwave Glass Cooking Tray featured here is 14-inches in diameter and will only fit the Samsung Microwave Model Numbers that are specifically listed below.

This glass replacement tray is Part No. DE74-20002B. This is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part.

Please consult the video on this website’s Home Page for direction on how to find your specific model number. If you do not see your model below, contact Samsung directly HERE.

You can also send us an email through our Contact Page and we will help you find the model you need — if not offered on our website.

Samsung Microwave Models for this 14-inch Tray

MR6483G MR7493G MR7491G MG7920W MR1352BB WMW18109 MR7493G01 MR6699GB MW7490W MW6490W MR6481G MC7698W MS7796W MW6471G MW6576W MW6585G MR6698WB MW7695GS MW6470W MW6692W MW6573G MR7491G01 MW6693G MW6574W MW7593G MW7896W MW6584W MR6482W MW6572W MW6580W MR6471G SMH7175WC MR6699SB MW7491G MR6699GB MR6698WB

JVM1950BTC, JVM1950STC, JVM1950WTC, ME18H704SFB, ME18H704SFS, ME18H704SFW, ME21F606MJT, ME21F707MJT, ME21H706MQB, ME21H706MQS, ME21H706MQW, ME21H9900AS, PVM1970STC, PVM2170STC, PVM9195DF1BB, PVM9195SF1SS, PVM9215DF1BB, PVM9215SF1SS, SMH1816B, SMH1816S, SMH1816W, SMH1926B, SMH1926S, SMH1926W, SMH1927B, SMH1927S, SMH1927W, SMH2117S