Sharp Microwave Glass Turntable Plate Part NTNT-A084

$39.99 as at 11:05 UTC. (Details)

This 13-1/4″ diameter Sharp Microwave Glass Turntable Part No. NTNT-A084 featured here will only fit the Sharp Microwave Model Numbers that are specifically listed below.

Please consult the video on this website’s Home Page for direction on how to find your specific model number.

If you do not see your model below, contact Sharp directly HERE.

You can also send us an email through our Contact Page and we will help you find the model you need — if not offered on our website.

Sharp Microwave Models for this 13-1/4″ Tray

R300BW, R303CW, R303CWA
R305AK, R305BW, R305CW, R305DW, R305EW
R308AK, R308AW, R308CW, R308DW
R310AK, R310AW, R310BK, R310BW, R310CK
R310CW, R310DK, R310DW, R310EK, R310EW, R310FK, R310FW
R312AKW, R315EW, R318BK, R319FW
R320AK, R320AW, R320BB, R320BD, R320BG
R320BK, R320BW, R320CD, R320CK
R320CW, R320DK, R320DQ, R320DW
R320EK, R320EQ, R320EW, R320FK, R320FQ, R320FW
R330AK, R330AW, R330BK, R330BW
R330CK, R330CW, R330DK, R330DW
R330EK, R330EW
R340DK, R340DW, R360EG
R360ES, R360EW, R360EZ
R370EK, R370ES, R370EZ
R390AK, R390AW, R395FS