14-1/8″ Sharp Microwave Glass Turntable Plate Part NTNT-A108

$55.99 as at 21:00 UTC. (Details)

The diameter of this Sharp Microwave Glass Turntable –  Part No. NTNT-A108  is 14-1/8 inches in diameter and will only fit the Sharp Microwave Model Numbers that are specifically listed below.

Please consult the video on this website’s Home Page for direction on how to find your specific model number.

If you do not see your model below, contact Sharp directly HERE.

You can also send us an email through our Contact Page and we will help you find the model you need — if not offered on our website.

Sharp Microwave Models for this 14-1/8 inch Tray

R1210, R1214, R1214F
R1405, R1406
R1500, R1501, R1502, R1505
R1506, R1511, R1512, R1514
R401CK, R401CW, R401CWL, R401FK, R401FW
R402FW, R402JK, R402JW, R402HW, R402HWF
R403HW, R403HWF, R403JK, R403KK, R403KKT, R404FK, R404JK
R405BK, R405CK, R405DK, R405HK, R405HKF
R405HW, R405JW, R405KS, R408AW, R408CW, R408DW
R408EW, R408HS, R408JK, R408JWF, R408LS
R409AK, R409AKB, R409AKD, R409AKE, R409AKF
R409AKG, R409CK, R409EW, R409HK, R409JS
R410AK, R410AKB, R410AW, R410BK, R410BW
R410CK, R410CKF, R410CW, R410DK, R410DW
R410DWC, R410EK, R410EW, R410FK, R410FW
R410HK, R410HKF, R410HW, R410LK
R412AK, R414HS, R415EW, R419CK
R420AK,R420AW, R420BK, R420BW, R420CK
R420CW, R420DK, R420DW, R420EK, R425EW, R425LS
R426HK, R426HQ, R426HS, R426HSF, R426HW, R426LS
R428JK, R428JW, R430AD, R430AK, R430AW
R430BD, R430BK, R430BW, R430CD, R430CK
R430CS,R430CW, R430DK, R430DQ, R430DW
R430EK, R430EW, R440DK, R440DW, R490AK, R490AW
R4A05, R4A12, R4A22, R4A38, R4A43, R4A46
R4A47, R4A48, R4A52, R4A53 R4A53B, R4A54
R4A54B, R4A56, R4A56B, R4A56D, R4A57, R4A58
R4A72, R4A72A, R4A73, R4A74, R4A75, R4A76
R4A77, R4A78, R4A78B
R4A82, R4A83, R4A84, R4A85, R4A86, R4A86B
R4A87, R4A88, R4A92, R4A93, R4A94, R4A95
R4A96, R4A97, R4A98, R4B82, R4B97
R4H07, R4H17, R4H82, R4H84, R4H85, R4H88, R4H96
R4K12, R4K52, R4K53, R4K82, R4K83
R4W38, R4X06, R4X84