Sharp Microwave Glass Turntable Plate Part NTNT-A046

$51.99 as at 21:25 UTC. (Details)

The Sharp Microwave Glass Turntable Plate Part No. NTNT-A046 featured here is 12-7/8 inches in diameter and will only fit the Sharp Microwave Model Numbers that are specifically listed below.

Please consult the video on this website’s Home Page for direction on how to find your specific model number.

If you do not see your model below, contact Sharp directly HERE.

You can also send us an email through our Contact Page and we will help you find the model you need — if not offered on our website.

Sharp Microwave Models for this 12-7/8″ Tray

R301FK, R301FW
R314FS, R316FS, R326FS
R3A05, R3A27, R3A36, R3A37
R3A38, R3A43, R3A47, R3A48
R3A53, R3A54, R3A55, R3A57
R3A58, R3A58B, R3A66, R3A67
R3A68, R3A73, R3A74, R3A75
R3A83, R3A84, R3A85, R3A86
R3A87, R3A88, R3A93, R3A94
R3A95, R3A96, R3A97, R3A98
R3B83, R3E66, R3H83, R3H85
R3H88, R3H94, R3H95, R3H98
R3K87, R3K97, R3W96, R3W97